Next level B.O.T.E. Model

Underwrite your multifamily deals in minutes, not hours.

Use the Next Level Back-of-The-Envelope Model to analyze your multifamily deals in 10-minutes or less!

Product Features


All inputs consolidate to 1 page.

Investor Summary

Printable 2-page summary to share with investors.

Annual Cash Flow

Detailed annual proforma.

Project Level Returns

Levered and unlevered returns.

Performance Metrics

Breakeven occupancy, DSCR, Yield on cost, and more!


Model LTC and LTV loans.

Loan Sizing Test

Size your loan like a lender.

Renovation Timing Schedule

Accurately model renovations.

Sponsor Fees

Acquisition & disposition fee inputs.

5-Year Proforma

Ability to model 1 - 5 year hold periods.

Why choose Next Level Financial Models?

Our underwriting model has been error checked by industry leading financial modeling experts.
Various features and abilities allow you to model any business plan imaginable, making your analysis as accurate as possible.

A clean, well formatted model gives your investors confidence that the project has been carefully analyzed.

User friendly model with step-by-step instructions included. Every purchase also comes with a free 1-hour consultation.
Next Level
B.O.T.E. Model
Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3
5-Year Pro Forma
Renovation Timing Schedule
Annual Proforma
Fixed Interest Rate Ability
Printable Summary Page
Step-By-Step Instructions
Debt Sizing Analysis
Professionally Formatted
Built in Error Checks
General Partner Fees
Project Level Returns
Various Performance Metrics
Cash Flow Analysis
GP/LP Equity Split
Interest Only Debt
LTC/LTV Ability
Sources & Uses
Yield on Cost
Gross Rent Multiplier
Debt Yield
Free 30-minute Consultation
Justin is an experienced, smart, and trustworthy investor. My team at Walker & Dunlop has closed many debt and equity financings with Justin and colleagues.

Justin’s expertise includes underwriting multifamily investment opportunities accurately and with supporting data. I trust his judgment.

Justin’s commercial real estate finance acumen and initiative are also demonstrated through his publication of a weekly CRE underwriting newsletter, widely followed in the industry.

Justin has strong communication skills, is highly motivated, and exhibits attention to detail in evaluating transactions.
Larry Wilemon

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