About Justin

I hated numbers growing up. I never enjoyed math class in school.
But over time, I learned the importance of numbers and how numbers can tell a story.
That's where I found a passion for commercial real estate underwriting.
Justin Goodin
We can look at financial statements to formulate a story about what is happening at a property. Then we can use data and assumptions to create a proforma to replicate our business plan.
After graduating with a degree in finance and supply chain management from a top 20 business school, I spent years working as a commercial multifamily underwriter for a bridge lender in Indianapolis, Indiana.
I personally underwrote over $500M worth of multifamily loans during my time working for the bank.
Since leaving my W2 position, I have focused on building my own commercial multifamily portfolio. It has helped me tremendously to have experience working on the banking side and the investor side.
Over the years, I struggled to find accurate and easy-to-use underwriting models for my deals.
I discovered a huge gap in the real estate market or new or even experienced commercial real estate investors. Confusing underwriting models. A lack of education available to newer underwriters. Inaccurate Excel models. Lack of support.

That didn’t sit well with me.

Next Level Financial Modeling is here to guide you step-by-step on how to become an expert commercial real estate underwriter and provide you with institutional quality underwriting models to use for your acquisitions.